Material: Oil on canvas
Size: 100 cm x 150 cm
Nguyen Minh Phuoc
Artist Story
During a meeting with a venerable monk, Minh Phuoc was told that despite his years of meditation, he never really found Buddha. As Minh Phuoc pondered about his own life journey, he realized that what he initially perceived as a Monk’s lament was in fact a wise piece of advice.

In life, there is no final destination. One is constantly searching and embarking on a journey. It is a journey of multiple destinations. The destinations are to be discovered and set by no one but himself. But while each of us embarks on our journey, we should also not hesitate to help others along the way.

Minh Phuoc reflects this ‘journey of life’ in his paintings. All the monks in his paintings turn away from the audience. They embark on their own’s life journey. Sometimes alone, sometimes sharing the journey with others.


1973 -Born in Son La, Vietnam
1997 -Graduated from Hanoi Fine Art Institute
1997 -2000 Lecturer, National Pedagogy of Music and Painting College
2000 -Solo Exhibition Go West Nha San Studio Hanoi, Vietnam
2002 -Solo Exhibition, My Inconsistency, Private Studio Hanoi, Vietnam
2003 -Solo Exhibition Untitled at Genkan Gallery, Tokyo American Club, Japan
2004 -Co Founder, Ryllega, Experimental Contemporary Art Gallery
2005 -Solo Exhibition Patch Wings Up, gallery Nord, Berlin, Germany
2007 -Solo Exhibition – Unhappy Dragon at Ryllega Gallery Hanoi, Vietnam
2008 -Program Director of Dong Son Today Direction