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About Us

Being etablished in 1996, Oriental Gallery have had 12 years of promoting Fine Art’s beauty, serving as the art loves with the genuine and qualificated master pieces and improving the service with all our  enthusiasm of creative labour.
In Viet Nam, modern Art is still a new strange trend of the art field. Art of Art gallery co-operate with some young impressed artists who are struggling to find their own voices and devote to all of their talent. It’s said that : “ The inner beauty of a person is a unique and precious flower ”. With the desire to express contemporary Vietnamese Art to the world, we believe that when coming to the gallery, you’ll be touched by the beauty that lies in yourself, in others and in life.

Oriental Gallery ( no 38, Hang Bong street), there are various  patterns of modern paintings hung : pencil drawings, oil on canvas and lacquer are on display. Most of them reflect  realistic angles  of life and some of them bring  us into a new horizon of imagination and dreams. Strolling though the gallery, you maybe easily to lose track of the time bacause of the paintings’ attraction: the buffalo tenders playing, golden rice fields  on  mountainous area, a landscape in rainy days, Hanoi  sreet  or monks on a long and lonely road...; all are portraying by the cretive lines, and emotional colors...

On behafl of the talented contemporary artists who are contributing with “ Art of Art gallery ”, we would like to thank from the bottom of our heart for your interest. With the love for Art, we hope that the gallery offers you precious minutes of relaxation and enrichs your imagination.

You are always welcome to send comments or contact us at : Mail to vietnamartgallery@yahoo.com.vn  and Telephone number : 84-4-38146760 or Mobile : 84-903446576 to get new infomation about the artists, as well as the new attractive paintings. And, if you have chance, let’s come here to discover yourself !