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Was born in 1938 at Thanh  Liem district, Ha Nam province, Viet Nam
Graduated from the Ha Noi, Viet Nam Fine Arts University
Member of the Vietnamese Fine Arts Association

Public opinion and Artworks

"His creative style is at the same time traditional and modern. The great part of the colours used by him are pure and almost like the ones of the folk paintings; Some colours mixings in his paintings aim only to give the profusion and the sensitization to his creative palette. The shapes and the lines are all free and moving and that makes me to think that, after scheming, his hand had to work with high speed to overcome his feelings.
I enjoy his paintings surprised in admiring his inspirations and the audacity in his new creative style.
Van Tho has changed himself incredibly in creation. His painting is not a test or a research but a real beginning of a new way orienting to new successes of tradition and modernization, maturity and spontaneousness."
Hoang Nguyen Ky Journalist and painter

"It is a talent full of living force that is reaching to the new horizons of fine  arts with a lot of hard researches for the deep beauty of life and with the test for new styles."
To Huu

"I would like to thank to Mr. Van Tho, your paintings exhibition give me much particular impression.
The land for the Fine Arts is now crowded with different creative styles but you can find your own one with a spontaneous, hilarious and optimistic view."

Bui Nhu Huong
Nguyen Thai Lai
Institute of Fine Arts